Shrewsbury Town Football Club’s Chief Executive Officer Brian Caldwell has told Rotarians how they have sustained themselves through what has been ‘a tortuous year.’

Speaking to a zoom meeting of Shrewsbury Severn Rotary Club, Brian outlined how coronavirus has badly hit the football club resulting in twice weekly testing of players and staff.

“It has been a major operation looking after everybody – a really challenging time,” he told Rotarians. “Covid-19 has been really difficult to deal with and in the last seven to 10 days it has got worse with some players testing positive. We have few really suffering the affects of Covid-19 as the older you are it seems to hit people more. Speaking to medics, this new strain of the virus is more easily transmissible and has passed around our players through training, which has never been seen before. So the cancellation of the cup tie with Southampton was a blow because it would have been on TV. But we hope to be able to play the game when all the players are out of self isolation. We hope to return to training on Friday. It is a really challenging time.”

He said the Lincoln game had been called off and Shropshire public health had closed the training ground to minimise the spread of the virus.

“For those players who are left on their own in Shrewsbury we have brought in a chef to make food for them. The chef is doing isolation packs on a daily basis for players in isolation. It is a major operation looking after everybody.”

He praised the work of Public Health Shropshire in monitoring players tested positive leading to twice weekly tests.

Julian Wells

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