Santa Sleigh

Santa Sleigh


It is hoped Santa will be able to attend various supermarkets round the town as usual this Christmas albeit with adequate precautions to safeguard the public.

“This will allow our little people a glimpse of Christmas spirit,” says a website posting regarding the Christmas sleigh.

The club hopes to visit supermarkets, although on a reduced scale to previous years due to coronavirus, and will make an announcement of supermarkets and dates very shortly.

The club apologises: “Access to Santa and the sleigh has to be restricted. But as usual there will be seasonal music and the opportunity to enjoy some socially responsible festive spirit.”

Shrewsbury Severn Rotary Club is also working on a plan for street runs, but there will only be Santa, one elf and a driver. Again, it hopes to make an announcement of these runs very soon. Unlike our usual routine we will not be stopping in the street but will drive slowly by so that children can see and wave to Santa from the safety of their own homes.

“During these difficult times access to Santa and the sleigh has to be restricted. It is not easy to maintain social distancing while touring. It is unfair on Santa or the children to allow the close contact of previous years. No one wants to spend Christmas in hospital with coronavirus!”

In an introduction to this new website, Rotarian Mike Mortimer, one of the website team, appeals: “We hope that in this very difficult time you will be able to help local charities by making a small donation to either our Tree of Light, with a suitable dedication, or a donation to Santa. Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus, we are unable to do our usual rounds collecting money with the sleigh so we ask you to make a small donation online instead.”

Supporters of the Tree of Light can purchase their dedication online and if gift aided will add 25p to every pound donated.

Julian Wells

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