A Rotary club has today expressed its ‘enormous thanks’ to all the kind-hearted supporters of the latest seasonal charity appeals.

Although the exact amounts collected are not yet available, Shrewsbury Severn Rotary Club believe their Tree of Light and sleigh collections will be amongst their best – despite the coronavirus pandemic.

“The enthusiasm and support received has been absolutely marvellous,” said the club’s president John Yeomans. “Words can’t express the thanks we wish to convey. We are overwhelmed by the generosity of people at this time. It just goes to prove how people will so kindly respond to the needs of others in difficult times.”

The Rotary Tree of Light and the Santa sleigh have both become a traditional part of the Shrewsbury scene during the Christmas period. The sleigh has brought a great deal of pleasure to many over the Christmas period when it has toured the streets and also appeared at local supermarkets, attracting large numbers of families.

John added: “Our challenge now is to put our efforts into identifying those local individuals, projects and causes in need of the most support.”

Club President John Yeomans

Julian Wells

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