A Shropshire voluntary organization which relies on donations has told a local Rotary club that its continued support is ‘invaluable.’

Members of our Club have been thanked by Shrewsbury & Oswestry Crucial Crew for their donation of £200 towards the cost of workbooks to year six pupils. Crucial Crew will in May distribute a total of 1,500 safety workbooks to children at up to 50 local schools for them to work through with their teachers.

“Your members most generous contribution has gone towards the cost of the workbooks – page 2 of which recognizes our close association with Rotary,” said Geoff Proffitt, deputy chairman who is also a trustee and fundraiser. He said Crucial Crew’s ability to continue providing invaluable life skills information to large groups of children in Shropshire was very much down to the support received from sponsors such as Shrewsbury Severn Rotary Club.

“That sponsorship is not taken lightly, which is why I am taking this opportunity of thanking all your members for their support,” he has written to the club. He added: “The continued support of your membership is invaluable to us. Members not only raise funds for this event, but give volunteer support at the event itself.”

Although Shrewsbury & Oswestry Crucial Crew has been forced to cancel this year’s event due to continuing government lockdown restrictions, it will nevertheless be held at Nesscliff on June 6 2022.

Anyone wishing to have more information about the activities of Shrewsbury Severn Rotary Club can contact Gareth Watkins on

Shrewsbury & Oswestry CRUCIAL CREW

Julian Wells

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