Our Rotary club has announced key plans to provide community support for local people during the recovery from the coronavirus pandemic and the current cost of living crisis but Rotarian Fred McDonogh, newly elected president of Shrewsbury Severn Rotary Club, said today that the ambitious plans are all dependent on the ‘key need’ to increase membership as soon as possible.

“For many years we have donated many thousands of pounds to worthy local causes and our help has never been more vital than it is today.  But to be able to continue these important initiatives we need more people to come forward and join us. Membership is a vital part of our ability to continue to fulfil all the promises we pledge to the many voluntary organisations which really now do rely on on-going Rotary support like we have never experienced before. Only recently we introduced a monthly programme of donating £500 a month to meet local requests that appear on the online charity Acts 435. Where the requests fall short of that figure, the club is making donations to Foodbank PLUS, part of Barnabas Community Projects. That’s just one example of where our support is desperately needed.

Shrewsbury Severn Rotary Club’s major fundraising activities, particularly the highly popular Santa Sleigh, requires a large-scale people involvement which is where new members – and their families – can provide m uch needed help.Within our existing club structure, we can only do so much and fulfil so many supermarket slot allocations, and therefore plans to further develop our fundraising to meet existing as well as new requests depends on continuing to attract the impressive type of women and men who regard themselves as putting service above self. That’s the Rotary objective and inspiration.”

He added that anyone interested in becoming a member of the club to help fulfil its immediate support objectives can contact gdmw@hotmail.co.uk

Julian Wells

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