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Adams (Mr P L) - Jack and Nancy Adams
Adney (Mrs Julie) - Sarah Adney
Affleck (Mrs M) - Ronald Affleck - Fred and Dorothy Clark
Allen (Mrs M) - Tony Emmerson - Brenda Allen
Allen (Miss C) - Fred and Brenda Allen ( Mum and Dad ) - Sandra and Susan (Sisters greatly missed) - George, Mary and Edna Craston
Allmark (Mr J Joseph) - Fred Allmark - Ivy Allmark - Scott Allmark
Allport (Mrs S L) - In memory of Joseph Allport - Thomas Corfield - Nancy Doodson
Allsop (Dr & Mrs) - Dearly Departed Relatives in Ireland - Dearly Departed Relatives in England - Dearly Departed Relatives in Wales
Ashley (Mrs M ) - Olive Lockett (Mum) - Ernest Lockett (Dad) - Neil Lockett (Nephew)
Aversa - Aversa and Fell Families
Badger (Mrs L) - Barbara Jones, Arthur Jones, always in our thoughts
Ball (Mrs K) - Geoff Ball - Sis and Ern Williams
Bayliss (Mrs E A) - Our Family Members Remembered
Beardmore (Mrs E) - John Beardmore - Hellen Warren - Thomas Johnson, Muriel Johnson
Beason (Mrs P) - Paul Beason and Joyce Beason - Mr and Mrs Dorricott - Ernest and Ester
Bebbington (Mrs K) - Harold Bebbington - Sheila Anderson
Beeston (Mrs S) - Roland and May Buck - Arthur Fox
Beeston (Mrs S) - Hilda and Bert Davies
Bennett (Mrs D C) - Bill and Dorothy Wilkes
Bennett (Mrs C) - Dear Sister Megan and Ivor Middle - Dear Sister Jean and Les Hall - Dear Mum and Dad Nancy and Teddy Gray
Bennetts (Mrs J) - Phyllis and Ronald Spencer - Marion and Fred Bennetts
Benson (Mrs E) - George and Elsie Ruscoe
Berry (Mrs B and Mr D) - Robert (Bob) Berry
Bettis (Mr Peter) - In memory of Richard Bettis, In memory of Frank Bettis - In memory of Lily Bettis, In memory of Graham Galliers - In memory of Christopher Bettis
Bevan (Mrs V A ) - John David Bevan
Birch (Mrs M) - Richard Birch
Bird (Mrs M A) - George Bird
Bishop (Mrs J) - Sidney and Bertha Marston
Blackwell & Family (Mr and Mrs J) - Mr Thomas Graham Goodwin - Mrs Jean Dorothy Goodwin.
Bland (Mrs P L) - Derek Bland
Bloore (Miss Claire) - In Memory of our Mum and Dad, - Joan and Jim Bloore
Booth (Mrs P) - Jim Booth, Beloved Husband of Phyllis
Bould (Mrs S) - Joyce Jenks - Vera Bould
Bound - Harold Tisdale - Dad, Grandad and Railway Man, - Herbert Carol Bound - Dad, Grandad and Railway Man
Bound (Mrs Julie) - Steve Tidy, Dad, Husband and Grandad
Bowen (Mrs K) - David Leech (Ex Ambulance Service) - Eileen Leech
Brain (Mrs P M) - Arthur Pritchard and Rachel Brain Beloved Father and Daughter
Brayne (Mr Gary) - Robert Beresford Brayne - Doris Annie Brayne
Breakell (Mr and Mrs R H) - Frances and Jim Williams
Bridges (Mrs C M) - Frances Mary Crombie and Donald William Crombie - Jean Bridges: Dennis Bridges
Brown (Mrs C H) - Colin Brown, loved and missed always
Brown (Mrs) - Bill, Elsie, Robert and Martin Cross; - Cath and Tudor Brown
Burbridge (Mrs D) - William and Jessica Camwell
Cain (Mr M J ) - Jim Cain Love Always - Joyce Cain Love Always
Cartwright (Mrs S) - Joan and Harry Johnson, Much Loved Parents and Grandparents - Phylis and George Cartwright, Loved and always Remembered
Challinor (Mrs M May) - Clifford Challinor
Channon (Mr Gordon) - Mary Channon, Errnest Channon, - Irene Daniels, Charlie Channon - Leonard Baart
Chidley (Mrs A) - Much Loved Mum and Dad, Grace and John (Dai) Davies - Brother Lyn Davies.
Chidlow (Mrs P) - Mary and Fred Chidlow - Steve and Freda May
Childlow (Mrs D) - Ernest Chidlow - Jack and Olive Oakley (Dad and Mum)
Christmas (Mr D) - Jean Christmas, Wife, Mother, Grandmother, with love; - Jean Christmas, Sister, with love; - Selina Christmas, Mother, Grandmother, and Great Grandmother, with love.
Cleaver (Mrs R E) - David Alan Boulter
Colley (Mrs I) - John Colley
Connolly (Mrs L) - Michael Connolly - Jessie Burke - Stanley Burke
Connor (Mr P Peter) - Mrs Jean Connor - Gone but not forgotten
Cooper (Mrs M) - Roy Cooper (Husband) - Peg and George Barnett - Phyllis Cooper
Corbett (Mrs V) - Vi and Bill Roberts
Corfield (Ms Christine) - Evelyn and Tom Corfield of Pontesbury and Whittington - Treasured Memories, - Christine, Malcolm and Oliver
Costantini (Mrs C) - Mrs Alice Maddocks - Mum - Lloyd Maddocks - Dad - Christopher Maddocks - Brother
Cowley (Mrs J) - Ray Cowley - Rose Perkins - Tom PerkinsAlways loved and remembered
Cowlishaw - Frederick and Elizabeth Cowlishaw - Margaret and Brian Mansell (Exeter)
Croft (Mrs J) - Beloved Mum Kath Horton and Dad Geoff Horton - Stan Croft (Dad) - Helen Maguire
Croft - Mark Shaun Croft, Cyril Mostyn Croft - Alexander Grigorjew - Kathleen Elizabeth Hughes
Curran (Miss D) - Mrs Margaret Curran - Mr Michael Curran
Curran (Ms M) - Graham Woolley
Dance (Mrs K) - Our Baby Dance Twins
Davey (Mrs A T) - My Darling Barrie
Davies (Mr D R) - Iris Elizabeth Hayes - Harry Davies - Sylvia Davies
Davies (Mr M A) - Margaret and Trevor Davies, - Margaret and William Davies, Elizabeth and Reg Brown; Flo and Fred Kirkam - Bill Nancie and Jean Lane, Malcolm Bain
Davies (Mr and Mrs J) - Gladys and Jack Jones - Rose Davies
Davies (Mr R S) - W Bryan Morgan - Gem Morgan
Davies (Mrs M E) - Linda Jaynes - Beloved Daughter
Davies (Mrs B E) - Bessie and Bob Davies - Brother Ken (Davies)
Davies (Miss M) - Jeff Davies - Robyn Davies
Davies (Mrs I) - Mr and Mrs Arthur and Doris Davies - you are always in our hearts with love - Mr and Mrs Jack and Alice Twyford - you are always in our hearts with love
Davies (Mrs J M) - John Davies - Horace Davies and Betty Davies; - Norman Gittins and Joan Gittins.
Davies (Miss D) - Fred and Miriam Davies
Davies (Mrs F.) - Jack and Enid Neville - Eric and Audrey Davies - Tony Lewis (A Very Special Friend), Muriel Roberts ( a treasured Mum and Nan)
Dickens (Mrs J) - Nancy and Frank Lloyd, John Lloyd - Leslie Dickens, Betty Dickins - Sandra Allen
Dovaston (Mrs) - Ted Dovaston
Drummond - Nancy Drummond
Dyer (Mrs B) - Syd and Gladys Compton - David Compton
Eames (Mrs B) - Alan Eames;
Edwards (Mrs M A) - George (Big G) Edwards
Edwards (Mrs G) - Paul Evans - Remembering the Best Brother and Uncle With Love - Nigel Evans, a very special Dad and Grandad, missed always - John Edwards - Much loved Brother and Uncle
Edwards (Mr R M) - Norman and Dolly Taylor - Bob and Phyllis Edwards - Christopher Edwards
Edwards (Mrs E) - John Wynne Edwards
Edwards (Mrs M) - Noel Edwards - Remembered with love
Edwards (Mrs R) - William Arthur Edwards
Evans (Mrs P R) - David Jonathan Evans, - Big Nanny, - Grandad Fred
Evans (Mrs P) - Claire Elizabeth Evans - Daughter, Loving You Always - Robert Williams - Dad, Never Forgotten - Maud Williams - Mum, Remembered Always
Evans (Mrs J E) - Joyce, Geoff and Nicholas Donnelly always remembered with love
Evans (Mr D C) - Thomas Evans, Phyllis Evans - Percy Corbett, Vera Corbett - Mary Cartledge
Evans (Mrs S) - Vin Evans
Evans (Mrs K) - Peter Rogers - Paul Rogers - Brian Rogers
Evans (Mrs J) - Gareth Evans; Evelyn Celia Evans, - Arthur Evans - David Evans
Evans (Mrs) - Derek (Son) - Sister May - Eve (Bristol), Husband and In-laws mother
Farmer (Ms P) - Sidney and Isobella Lilian Farmer
Fenton - Gwen Savage (Sister) - Mother Hilda - Darling Tony
Ferguson (Mrs G) - Evelyn and Brian Ferguson; Pamela and Maurice Sharman
Fleming (Ms J) - Joseph Dance, Mildred Dance - Loving Mum and Dad Remembered by Joan
Flynn (Mr S) - Bill Flynn; Mona Flynn - Bob Bennett - Doris (Dot) Carter
Forgie (Ms S Susan) - Geoff Forgie, Gary Taylor - Cheryl Cranswick - Shaon Stealey
Fraser (Mrs D) - Muriel Roberts - Reginald Roberts - Peter Fraser
Frostick (Mrs H) - John Ingham - Arthur Ingham - Enid Ingham
Furnival (Mrs N) - Alan Furnival, My Precious Husband
Garner (Mrs Jean) - Grace Garner - miss you and love you every day, Jean Rob and; Family
Garrard (Mr and Mrs J) - Vera and Frank Garrard, Winnie and Jack Garrard - Nellie and Donald Wilson - ;Margaret and Eric Lawson
Garrett (Mrs P) - Noel Garrett - Jean Randall
Gilmour (Mrs M) - Jim and Margaret Smith (Ayr) - Jack and Elnora Gilmour - Dennis Johnston; Alasdair Gilmour
Gittins - Betty Gittins - Leslie Gittins
Golding (Mrs B) - Victor Golding - Nigel Golding
Goodchild (Mrs L) - Viv Edwards, Rob Davis and Richard Edwards - Alan Goodchild - Mum, Auntie Nesta and Auntie Freda.
Gough (Mrs V.A.) - Roland Gough
Gough (Mrs K W) - Ena and John Davies
Gough - Alfred John Ebrey Gough - Florence Mary Gough - Edith Mary Turner (nee Gough)
Gould (Mrs A) - Mrs M and Mr G Yeomans, Dear Mum and Dad - Mrs C and Mr R Gould, Dear Mum and Dad - Roger Yeomans, Loved Brother
Gourlay (Mrs F M) - Ivor Thomas Jones and Myfanwy Jane Jones - Dear Mam and Dad and Taid and Nan
Greenley - Harry Weatherall Beloved Brother - Alice Weatherall - John Weatherall, cherished nephew
Griffiths (Ms C) - Mike Griffiths, thinking of you - Mrs Marjorie Dawson; Special Memories
Griffiths (Mrs D) - Roy Cubbin
Guidon (Mrs L) - Ann Waters - Elsie Williams - Mary Waters
Hall (Ms H) - Peter Ray (a dear Dad); ; - Pauline Ray (a lovely Mum) - Tony Pulford (a dear brother-in-law).
Hall (Miss C) - Thomas and Violet Hall - - Sandra Harper
Hancox (Mrs K) - Eric Morris; Rose Parry; - Richard (Sox's) Hancox; Mildred and Harold Hancox - Mary and Ted Nicholas.Miss you all
Handley (Mrs J) - Mary Roberts - George Roberts - Marlene Yorke and Terry Roberts
Hanratty (Mrs T) - All my little stars
Harris (Mr S) - Jeff and Connie Harris
Harris - Arthur Harris, Gwen Harris - Leslie Farren, Elsie Farren
Harris (Mrs D) - Marilyn Liddle - Gwyion Williams - John Huxley and Don Liddle
Harris (Mrs M Maxine) - Remembering Bernie and Ruth Challinor - Much loved Mum and Dad - John and Heather Steadman
Harte (Mr N) - Frank and Gladys Harte (Our Loving Parents)
Haw (Mr M A) - Rosemary Dart and Rachel Bates - Both died too young and much missed
Hazan (Mrs K) - Don and Mary Bickerton - Non and Moshe Hazan - Margaret Miller
Heath ISO - Joyce Mary Heath
Herbert / Mr RG Bishton (Mrs A M) - Mrs Marlene Bishton (Wife and Mum)
Higgins (Mr G E) - Mum and Dad - Dorothy, John and Dougie Davies - All Loved and missed so much by Jean, George and family
Hill (Mrs) - William Shingler (Father), Nancy Shingler (Mother) - Elizabeth Vaughan (Granmother) - Joyce Hill (Mother in Law) and Eric Hill (Father in Law)
Hill (Mrs M) - Remembering with love, Husband Alf Hill - Sister and Brother-in-law, Kath and Wilf Vaughan
Hill (Mrs B) - Gavin Brook, always remembered - Henry, Harry, Pepper and Tina, Beloved Pets - Trevor Hill, always remembered
Hill (Miss E Elizabeth) - Mother (Edna Oliver), Bill Oliver (Step Father) - - - Eric (Brother) - Floss (Aunt)
Hind (Mr and Mrs L Len) - Dearly departed loved ones and friends of Mary and Len Hind - For Mathew, Mya and Olivia
Hodges (Mrs A) - Ivy Gripton Mother with Love - - - Stan Hodges remembered with love every day
Holmes - Hilda and George Metcalfe - Sara - Michael
Hooke (Mrs H) - Bernard and Una Hartshorn, Mum & Dad, Miss you both so much
Hordley - Mary Richards (Mother)
Howells (Mrs M A) - Bill and Gwen Bennett in loving memory - Mark Stephen Howells in loving memory
Howells - Tom and Freda Howells
Howells (Mrs H M) - Sidney and Florence Massey
Hughes (Mr and Mrs T) - Doreen and Tom Hughes, - Marjorie and Cyril Done
Hughes (Mrs S) - Eric Hughes, Husband - Mrs L M Tanswell, Mother - John Hughes, Brother in Law
Hughes (Mrs S) - Mum Yeomans, Dada Yeomans - Vera Dyer - with special love; Dennis (Noddy) Hughes, with much love - Joyce Watkins - treasured wife, mother and sister
Humphreys (Miss D) - Doris Emily Humphreys - Michael Davenport - Lily Bromley; Irene Arthur
Humphreys (Mrs E Hughes and Mrs P) - Beloved Brother - Roy Brown
Humphreys - Olwen Gwendoline Humphreys (Mam) - Ceredig Owen Humphreys (Dad)
Hutchings (Mrs) - Eddie and Doll Donnelly; - Sheila Picken; - Peg & Geoff Scadding; Edgar & Barbara
Huyton (Mrs M) - David Hughes
Hyde (Mrs M ) - Peter Kenyon and Iris Kenyon, , - Ron Hyde and Eileen Hyde, Derick Dawson - Paul Dawson and Verna Dawson
Jagger (Mrs) - Ros Jagger, Joan Sparrow
James (Mrs H) - Charlie and Dorothy James; Gordon James; Winnie and Frank Ford - Freda Davies; Joyce James; Alice and Bob Nichol; - Molly and Bill Butler; Bill and Grace Davies.
Jones (Mrs J) - Arthur and Nesta Wright - George and Margaret Deegan - Ernest and Betty Evans
Jones (Mrs P J) - Cyril Lloyd - Vera Maud Lloyd - Christine Merlyn Paige
Jones (Mrs B A) - Graham Jones - Reg and Vera Jones - Bob and Elsie Yeomans
Jones (Mr P E L ) - Richard Stuart Jones - Fred Brown - Lilian Brown.
Jones - Ted and Betty Horton - Ken and Wyn Jones.
Jones (Mrs I) - Dennis J and Dennis S - Doris and Ron - Thelma, Judith, Martin and Beryl
Jones (Mrs C) - Cyril Swift - Phyll Swift
Jones (Mrs E) - Louise Cooper - desperately missed and loved by us all - Mum and Dad, Millie and Tom - much missed
Jones (Mr D) - Jim and Ella Jones (Mum and Dad) - Always Remembered
Jones (Mrs A E) - Gerald Richards
Jones (Mrs E) - George Henry Davies - Sarah Annie Davies
Jones - Neil and Margery Millar - remembered with love - Bridget Mollekin, beloved daughter.
Jones (Mrs Lois) - Bernard LLoyd Jones - Robert Hammond - Annelise Peyton
Jones (Mrs Joam) - Phillip Jones - Sam Birch - Gertie Birch
Judson - Frederick Judson, still very much missed and loved by Sylvia, Debbie, Susan, David and friends
Kelly (Mrs N A) - Mr Niel Kelly - Mrs Rita Jamison
Keogh (Mrs J) - Michael Keogh, - Dennis (Jacko) Robertson,
Kilvert (Mrs M L) - Jack Kilvert - Tom and Louie George - Doris George
King (Mr R) - Joan King, Much missed and loved wife
Kirby (Miss J L) - Mary Kirby - much loved wife and mum - David (Dave) Carter
Kirkham (Mrs J) - Albert Kirkham
Lane (Mrs ) - Dai and Muriel Thomas - Alf and Grace Lane; Charlie and Vi Thomas - Barry and Anne Moss
Laurens (Mrs ) - Frank Laurens
Law (Mr M) - Bill and Kay Law - Beryl Law
Lax (Mrs J) - Ivan Lax - Bessie Lax - William Lax
Leake (Miss Janet) - In fond remembrance of my parents, Alison Mary and Cyril Joseph Leake
Lee (Mr C) - Sue Herbert
Lees - Stanley and Ellen Jones - Bryan and Gwen Jones - Bill Lees
Leverton - Wilfred and Edith Leverton, - Wendy Clarke, Matthew and Mary McCutcheon, - Beverley Crick
Lewis (Mrs M A) - Frank and Mabel Williams - Gerry Williams
Lewis (Mrs C) - Tom and Violet Taylor - Jack and Lilian Lewis, in loving memory
Lewis (Mrs P H) - Harry Lewis of Rodington, always in our thoughts - Tony Lewis of Gravel Hill. To a wonderful son and brother, lots of love Mum, Lesley, Brian and Family
Lewis (Mrs Sue) - Dearest Mum in our hearts always, love Sue and Kate; - Dearest Mum-in-law, miss you more than words can say Love Sue - Darling Granddaughter Amy
Light (Mrs E M) - Ivy Roberts, a darling Mother and Grandmother
Llewellyn (Mrs J) - Frances Alan Llewellyn (Buster) - George Edward Morris (Grandad) - Sally Ann Lomax (Mom / Nan
Lloyd (Mr & Mrs G) - Mrs Rita Lloyd, - Mrs Hazel Osgerby, - Mr Harold Lloyd
Locke (Mrs M) - Vera Alder - Ted Alder
Long (Ms M) - Mr and Mrs G Long - Mr Stan Kiddey - Mrs D Lewis
Long - Terry Beatty, Darling Dad Betty Beatty, Darling Mum - Connie Long, Darling Mum, Walter Long Darling Dad - Dave Ramsden; Dear Friend
Lowe - Sam, Florence and Barbe Beaman - Ron and Peggy Beaman
Machin (Ms G) - Edith, Bill, Gorden and Rosemary Galliers - All loved and missed - Gwen and children much loved and missed
Mackey (Mrs J) - Lesley Mackey
Manley (Mr and Mrs) - Jack and Vera Manley - John and Pat Traves
Mantle - David and Violet Charles; - Evelyn and Arthur Evans - David Evans
Maycock (Mrs J) - Mark Maycock - Loving Memories of a Dear Son, We All Miss You So Much, Love Mum and Dad - Ann and Bill Mills and Sister Carol Pritchard, Loved and Remembered Always, Jean and David xx
McCormac (Mrs Patricia) - Don McCormac
McDonald (Mrs D P) - Bryn Mc Donald - Glyn McDonald
McLeod (Mr A) - Megan Embrey - Ron Embrey - Always remembered with love
Mellor (Ms S) - Beloved Mum and Nan Judy Hope - Beloved Mum and Nan Mary Mellor
Middlecote (Mrs M) - Amelia Ellen Adams; James Francis Adams; - Raymond George Barker; Letitia May Barker; - Raymond Edwin Middlecote.
Miller (Ms S) - Matthew Miller - Rita Walters - Stan Walters, Malcolm (Mally) Miller
Moden (Miss D) - Hilda May Moden - Harold Robert Moden
Moogan (Mr and Mrs) - John and Kitty Corrall - John and Leah Moogan - Robert and Nellie Jones
Morgan (Mrs C A) - Derek, Charlie and Mary Morgan
Morgan (Mrs A) - Mrs E Parsons - Mrs A Cresswell - Mr J Parsons, Mr J Richards
Morris (Mr A C ) - Alfred and Mary Pryce - John and Joyce Morris - Eileen Hill, A much loved sister
Morris (Ms D A) - David Carter - Edna Jones.
Morrison (Mrs E) - Christine McMillan
Mortimer (Mrs I Imogen) - Bill and Beryl Babb - Love from all the family
Myddle (Mrs K P) - Jack Myddle - forever missed
Nash (Mr J T) - Hilda and Thomas Nash - Peg and Bert Jones - Brenda and Bill Evans
Newman (Mrs Lesley) - Joan Appleyard - Frank Appleyard
Newton (Mrs H Helena) - Colin Newton (Shropshire Blood Trust Fund); - David Newton (Bowel Cancer UK); - Joy Hall (Shropshire Blood Trust)
Nicholls (Mrs E) - Sheila Morris - Loving Mum and Nan - John Francis Morris loving Dad and Grandad - John Michael Morris - loved brother and uncle
Nicholson (Miss Jodie) - William John Roberts
Norman - Husband Bob Norman - Mum, Dad, Brother Endean - Mum Norman and Ernest Endean
Nutbrown (Mr D H) - Gordon Nutbrown - Bettina Nutbrown
Nutbrown (Mrs P) - Audrey Webber - Frederick Webber
Overton (Mr and Mrs E B) - Joan Mary Overton - Evelyn Joan Bostock, Tom Bostock - Glyn Overton
Owen (Mrs P) - Eddie (Butty) Pugh - Maureen Pugh Still Loved & missed dearly x
Pacult (Mrs Nicola) - Anne Hulme (My Friend) - Parkinsons UK
Page (Mrs J A) - All loved ones we have lost
Parker - Mr W E Thomas - Mr D E Parker
Parkinson (Miss V G) - Gerald and Sylvia Parkinson always loved and missed
Parry (Mrs D) - Sister Beryl Entwistle - Nan, Ann Molloy - Sister Joy Peters
Parry (Mrs D E) - Maurice Vernon Waite; - Margaret Ruth Waite; - Roland Parry (Ben)
Parry (Mrs J) - Floss, Harry and Kath Hayward - much loved and missed - John Parry - much loved and missed by us all
Paterson (Mr A) - Baby Louis - John Knox
Peplow (Mr P) - John Howard Peplow - May Peplow
Perry (Mr P Paul) - Ann and Noel Purslow - Clive and Margaret Purslow - Elizabeth Perry
Pitchford (Mrs E) - Simon Pitchford - Helen and Harry Plimley
Pond - Our Beloved Daughter Amanda Jane Pond - Much missed Sister Betty Fisk
Powell (Mr F) - Nellie Jones - Tony Jones - Marie Powell and Wallace Powell
Preece (Mrs J M) - Ashley John Preece - Nicholas Preece
Price (Mrs C) - John Edward Mabbott - Christina (Tina) Mabbott
Price (Mr D) - Edith Price
Price (Mrs M A ) - Clive Roland Jones - Margaret Jones
Price (Mrs A E) - Doreen Rocke; Ray Price, Den Price. Love Aud x
Price (Mr and Mrs D A) - Matthew Charles David Price - Grandson - Edith Sarah Newbrook - Mother
Price (Mrs J) - Ronald Frank Price - Jane Brereton
Pritchard - Geoffrey Salter, Gerald Pritchard
Pritchard (Miss E P) - Gerald Pritchard, - Marc Boinot, - Jeff Salter
Procter - Richard Procter - Margaret Procter - Nora Sarginson
Pugh (Mrs S) - Tracy Pugh (Dear Niece) J - Anthony Pugh (Beloved Husband, Father and Grandfather)
Pugh (Mr P) - Eric Sandy, David Pugh, Mary Warren, Molly Earp - John Pugh, Iris Pugh and Angela Pugh - Hazel Whittaker. Douglas Wedge, Sadie Wedge and Angela Pugh
Pulford (Mrs Joyce) - Tony Pulford, beloved husband and father - Peter and Pauline Ray, parents and grandparents.
Ramsey (Mrs C M ) - Mum and Dad (Peggy & Fred) Ramsey - Sisters June and Doe (nee Ramsey) and Dad (Howard) Weller - Also my beloved and greatly missed boys, Phil (Alf) Ramsey and Becks
Ray Heath (Miss M) - Llewellyn and Ada Owen (Westbury) - Ada Ray Heath (nee Owen) formerly of Westbury - Brian Pierce - formerly Lay Preacher at St Alkmonds Church Shrewsbury
Reade (Mrs E A) - Peter Reade - Lily Rowland - Arthur Rowland
Reade (Mrs S) - Peter Reade - Ken Davies - Lois Davies
Rees Evans (Mrs S) - Martin McLamb, Jack McLamb - Sam McLamb, Bruce McLamb - Ian McIntyre
Rickards (Mrs C) - Huw Thomas Rickards, Dearest Boy, Murray Rickards - - Janet Gater (Nee Rickards), and Stephen Gater - - Eloise Lambert - Eloise Lambert - Ivy and Jack Dickinson
Robbins (Mrs G) - Margaret Meredith - Tony Robbins
Roberts (Mrs ) - Ken Roberts
Roberts (Mr D C E) - Celia and Alec Mullins , - Michael Mullins - Cyril and Rose Roberts
Roberts (Mrs C.) - Parkinsons UK
Robinson (Mrs A W) - Ken Robinson - Alice Lee - Auntie Kathleen
Rogers (Mr S) - Kathryn (Kat) Rogers and Lynne Rogers - Frank Rogers,and Mabel Rogers - Eddie Boden and Lil Boden
Rouen - Mum and Dad Rouen - Mum and Dad Renshaw Eileen and Dennis Clarke - Mike Rouen - God Bless
Rowbrey (Mrs S) - Norman and Joan Wynne - William and Vera Price
Rumsby (Miss B) - Harold and Mable Rumsby - George Rumsby, Norman Rumsby - Victor Harold Rumsby
Ruscoe (Rachel and Kate) - Bobby Price, John Price, Evelyn Worton
Sadler (Mrs Vicky) - Betty Sadler: - Kath Fieldhouse - Owen Hawkins
Samuel - James Crocker - - Molly Crocker
Savage (Miss D A) - Frank Savage - Blodwen Savage - David Savage
Scott (Ms J M) - Dan Scott, beloved Husband - Haydn Tonge, Much loved Son - Brother, Uncle and Friend ; Charles Darbyshire, Cherished Memories
Sharp (Mr C Colin) - In memory of Bob and Marjorie Chorlton - In memory of Ron Sharp
Sheffield (Mrs) - William Sheffield - Nellie Sheffield - Dorothy Evans, Bill Evans & John Sheffield
Shingler (Mr A Anthony) - Lynette Jayne Pearson - Sister in Law - John Christopher Rowe - Katie's Fiance
Simons (Mr P Paul) - Captain Andrew Angus Nicol - Jean Nicol
Smale (Mrs) - Alice and Stanley Bowen
Smith (Mr M) - Eric Baker, Ethel Baker, Colin Baker, - Doris and Eric Smith
Smith (Mrs R I ) - Margaret and Charles Tipton - Alfred Smith
Smith (Mrs S E Sylvia) - Dennis Smith (Les), David Smith, Edith Parry, William Parry - Edith Smith, Charlie Smith - Edna Smith, Derek Smith
Smith (Mr L) - Stanley and Gladys Smith. Together again. Lovingly remembered by all your familiy
Starr (Mrs M A ) - Peter and Mary Mackenzie - Peter Roberts OBE ( CIWF ) - Eddie and Betty Starr
Strachan (Mr W William) - Doreen Sykes
Sudlow (Miss S R) - Dear Mum and Dad
Taylor (Ms J) - George and Gertie Taylor - Les Taylor
Taylor (Mrs J) - Ken Taylor, always in thoughts of wife, Jan
Thomas (Mrs E) - Colin Thomas
Thompson (Mrs E) - Norman Thompson - Isabel Weston, - Tom Weston
Thompson (Mr D P) - Agnetta Thompson and Robert Thompson
Thornley (Mrs S) - Len Thornley - Roslyn Thornley
Thorpe (Mrs B M) - John Thorpe Loving Husband - Mr and Mrs Moody Dear Mum and Dad - Loving Brother Bill Moody
Thrower (Miss M) - Percy and Connie Thrower
Tipton (Dr J John) - Dorothy Tipton
Tisdale (Mrs A) - Harold Tisdale Husband, Father and Granddad
Tisdale - Walter Chandler - sadly missed - Rose Chandler - sadly missed
Trafene (Mrs B) - William and Kathleen, Darling Mum and Dad - Lesley Darling Julie Lewis; Barbara Davenport and Nancy Baker Sisters - Keith Baker; Ern and Olive Briscoe; Anne and Norman Bines
Trow (Mrs S) - Anita Mansell (nee Trow) Beloved Mum, Nanny, Daughter and Sister, love and miss you loads - Dave Trow beloved Husband, Dad, Grandad and Great Grandad, love and miss you loads
Tudor - Len and Kate Mountford, Love and Miss You - Arthur and Nellie Tudor, Love and Miss You
Tune - Patricia Margaret Tune - Michael Trevor Tune, - Norman Alan Sykes
Turner (Mr J) - Steven Paul Turner - Joan Emily Turner
Turnock (Mrs L M) - David Turnock - Maurice and Violet Hughes
Voros - Eric and Anne Jones - Mary Simons - Eileen and John Collins, Emil Voros (Em) dearly loved, forever missed
Wainwright (Mrs E) - Jack and Olive Oakley (Dad and Mum)
Wakeley (Mrs J) - Bessie Thomas (Mum) - Pryce Thomas (Dad) - Sylvia Lee (Sister)
Walker (Mrs R) - Les Owen - Husband Loved and Missed
Walsh (Mrs A M) - Denzil Walsh, Husband, Father, Grandfather
Walters (Mrs L) - Sue Hayman - My Darling Daughter - Stan Walters - My Dear Husband
Walton (Mrs M A) - William Walton (Bill)
Wareing (Mrs L D) - George and Hilda Griffiths - Wilfred and Mildred Wareing - Betty Clay
Watkins (Mr G) - David and Dorothy Watkins, Beloved Parents - Gerald and Margaret Doyle, Beloved Parents
Watkins (Mr G) - Hazel Watkins, Wife and Mother - Lilly Watkins Grandmother - Barbara Jones Grandmother
Watson (Mrs S) - Dan Watson - Husband - Lucy Tanswell - Mother - Mary Tanswell - Sister and Fred Tanswell - Brother
Wells (Mrs Susan) - Donald Andrew Wells - Muriel Phyllis Wells - Valerie Margaret Livesley; Graham Thomas; Dorothy Thomas
Whittall - John Whittall, Joan Lennox - Beloved Daughter Helen Whittall - Brother John Barnett
Whittall (Mrs J) - Winston Whittall, Dear Husband - Edith Wynne, Mum - - Donald Wynne, Dad
Wilderspin (Mrs P L) - Joan Margaret Evans and Thomas Ernie Lloyd Evans; - Vera and Bill Wilderspin,
Williams (Mr K) - Mrs Joan and Mr Noel Richards
Williams (Mrs L) - George Haddock - Percival (Jack) Williams - Doris (Pip) Williams
Williams (Mr and Mrs S J) - Glyn Francis Williams - Pips Francis Fitch
Williams (Mrs L) - Clifford Broadbent - Beloved Dad, - Marion Broadbent - Beloved Mum
Williams (Miss S E ) - Ivan Williams
Williams (Mrs A) - Andrew Down - Cliff Williams - Dorothy Eaves - Remembered with love
Williams (Mr M Michael ) - Howard and Betty Williams - David Williams
Williams (Mr and Mrs G) - Dorothy Williams, Lyn Williams, - Bob Webster and Marie Webster
Williams (Mrs B J) - Mrs Ann Haycock (Mum), Mr Ernest Haycock (Dad) - Mrs Freda Williams (Mum) and Mr Cecil Williams (Dad) - James Williams ( Brother), Bryan Haycock (Brother). Nathan Jarvis a beautiful grandson
Williams (Mr K W) - Janet Williams, always, forever loved.
Willis (Miss J) - Florrie Bridgwater - Arthur Willis - Winifred Willis
Wilson (Mr and Mrs F) - Mr and Mrs G Collins - Mr and Mrs F W Wilson - Ann Wilson
Winwood (Mrs J) - Elizabeth Perceval
Wood (Ms C Christine) - Becky Wood - Love Mum, & Dad - Becky Wood - Love daughter Ellie
Worrall (Mrs S) - Annie Worrall, much loved Nan - Mary and Arthur Hall, Much Loved Parents
Wright (Mrs J E) - Desmond Perks and Betty Perks - Lillian Ecclestone
Yeomans (Mrs C Carole) - In loving memory of parents Kathleen Hargreaves - James Hargreaves - Winifred Yeomans
Youens (Mrs C) - Gertie Price - Len Price,
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