Our club is part of a world wide movement,  an organisation of around 1.2 million members in approximately 55,000 clubs collectively in the UK and  over 200 other countries. As well as operating as individual Clubs the movement, as a whole, sometimes works together.  A major recent success has been the campaign to rid  the world of Polio,  a campaign started by all the Rotary clubs  worldwide (including ours)  in around 1987  but then taken over in more recent years by the World Health Organisation and the Bill Gates Foundation .  Rotary is particularly  proud of this achievement.  The infrastructure is organised centrally to ensure common standards and to manage the many other internationally funded projects (in addition to the Polio campaign) carried out by Rotarians around the world.  To achieve this, each club donates a subscription to ensure its continuity.

Should a Rotarian be in another area whether it be in the UK or  anywhere else worldwide, they are welcome to attend the local Rotary meeting.  A directory of all the Clubs is available to achieve this.  

Crocus planting outside Shrewsbury Abbey