Shrewsbury Tree of Light
Adams - Jack and Nancy Adams

Affleck (Mrs M) - Ronald Affleck, Fred and Dorothy Clark

Allen - Tony Emmerson, Brenda Allen

Allen (Miss C) - Fred and Brenda Allen ( Mum and Dad ) - - Sandra and Susan (Sisters greatly missed) - - George, Mary and Edna Craston

Allport (Mrs S L) - In memory of Joseph Allport, Thomas Corfield, Nancy Doodson

Amos (Mrs R) - Julie Amos, Daughter - - Ted Amos, Father James Tuite

Anonymous - Fire & Rescue Service

Ashley (Mrs M ) - Olive Lockett (Mum) - - Neil Lockett (Nephew) - - Ernest Lockett (Dad)

Aversa - Aversa and Fell Families

Badger (Mrs L) - Barbara Jones, Arthur Jones - we miss you both very much

Baker (Mrs N) - William Darling - - Lesley Darling - - Julie Lewis - - Barbara Davenport - - Kathleen Darling (Kate) - - Lena Baker, ERN BRISCOE - - Olive Briscoe - - Anne & Norman Bines - - Douglas McKinnon (Uncle Mac), Colin Baker

Ball (Mrs K) - Geoff Ball

Band (Mrs Sheila) - Gilbert Henry Band

Bateman (Mrs M) - David and Sybil Davies (always in our thoughts)

Bates (Mrs D) - Philip Bates

Bayliss (Mrs E A) - Our Family Members Remembered

Beardmore (Mrs E) - John Beardmore, Hellen Warren, Thomas Johnson, Muriel Johnson

Beason (Mrs P) - Paul Beason and Joyce Beason - - Mr and Mrs Dorricott - -Ernest and Ester

Bebbington (Mrs K) - Harold Bebbington and Sheila Anderson

Beeston (Mrs S) - Roland Buck - - Arthur Fox

Beeston (Mrs S) - Hilda and Bert Davies

Bennett (Mrs D C) - Bill and Dorothy Wilkes

Bennett (Mrs C) - Dear Sister Megan and Ivor Middle, Dear Sister Jean and Les Hall, Dear Mum and Dad Nancy and Teddy Gray

Bennetts (Mrs J) - Phyllis and Ronald Spencer; Marion and Fred Bennetts

Benson (Mrs E) - George and Elsie Ruscoe

Berry (Mrs B and Mr D) - Robert (Bob) Berry

Bettis (Mr Peter) - In memory of Richard Bettis, In memory of Frank Bettis, In memory of Lily Bettis, In memory of Graham Galliers

Bevan (Mrs V A ) - John David Bevan

Birch (Mrs M) - Richard Birch

Bird (Mrs M A) - George Bird

Bishop (Mrs J) - Sidney and Bertha Marston

Blackwell & Family (Mr and Mrs J) - Mr Mark Hodge - - Mr Thomas Graham Goodwin

Bland (Mrs P L) - Derek Bland

Bloore (Miss Claire) - In Memory of our Mum and Dad, Joan and Jim Bloore

Bolton (Mrs G I) - Eileen And Ernest Bolton Ethel and Edward Ferrier Gerald Bolton

Booth (Mrs P) - Jim Booth, Beloved Husband of Phyllis

Bould (Mrs S) - Joyce Jenks, Vera Bould

Bound - Harold Tisdale - Dad, Grandad and Railway Man, Herbert Carol Bound - Dad,Grandad and Railway Man

Bound - Steve Tidy, Dad, Husband and Grandad

Bowen (Mrs K) - David Leech (Ex Ambulance Service) and Eileen Leech

Bown - Arthur Mervyn Bown MC, Dorothy Bown, Dr Bevil Bown

Brayne (Mr Gary) - Robert Beresford Brayne and Doris Annie Brayne

Breakell (Mr and Mrs R H) - Francis and Jim Williams

Bridges (Mrs C M) - Frances Mary Crombie - Dear Mum, Nan and Great Nan, Jean Bridges & Dennis Bridges

Bromilow (Mrs V) - Sarah Bromilow, David Bromilow

Brown (Mrs V ) - Richard, lovingly remembered, miss you so much - Val and Family

Brown (Mrs M) - Clarry Brown

Brown (Mrs C H) - Colin Brown

Brown (Mrs) - Martin Cross - - Bill and Elsie Cross - - Cath and Tudor Brown

Burbridge (Mrs D) - William and Jessica Camwell

Butler (Mrs M ) - Bill Butler, Bill Davis, Grace Davis

Cain (Mr M J ) - Jim Cain Love Always, Joyce Cain Love Always

Canham - Don and Marjorie Canham, Bob and Kath Oakley, Rob Oakley

Cartwright (Mrs S) - Joan and Harry Johnson, Much Loved Parents and Grandparents, Phylis and George Cartwright, Loved and always Remembered

Challinor (Mrs M May) - Clifford Challinor

Chambers (Mrs V) - Catherine Ann Chambers, John Tuomey, Barry Chanbers

Channon (Mr Gordon) - Mary Channon, ernest Channon, Irene Daniels, Charlie Channon and Leonard Baart

Chidley (Mrs A) - Much Loved Mum and Dad, Grace and John (Dai) Davies and Brother Lyn Davies.

Chidlow (Mrs P) - Mary and Fred Chidlow - - Steve and Freda May

Chidlow (Mrs M E) - Gerald Chidlow, Dorothy and George Chidlow, Frank and Doris Maddocks, Ian Barrett

Christmas (Mrs P) - Albert Christmas - Husband, Father, Grandfather, Peter Bird, - Husband, Father, Grandfather

Christmas (Mr D) - Jean Christmas, Wife, Mother, Grandmother - - Jean Christmas, Sister - - Selina Christmas, Mother, Grandmother, and Great Grandmother

Clarke (Mrs M) - Tony Clarke - - John Lewis - - Bob Clarke - - Elsie Lewis

Clayton - In memory of Jack Clayton of Dudley and Vera Clayton of Dudley

Cleaver (Mrs R E) - David Alan Boulter, Christopher Ronald Charles Bailey

Colley (Mrs I) - John Colley

Connolly (Mrs L) - Michael Connolly, Jessie Burke, Stanley Burke

Cooper (Mrs A D) - Gaggy, Love Anna and Ben, Howie - - Forever Anne

Cooper (Mrs C) - In remembrance Rita and Harold Lloyd

Corbett (Mrs V) - Vi and Bill Roberts

Corfield (Ms Christine) - Evelyn and Tom Corfield of Pontesbury and Whittington - Treasured Memories, Christine, Malcolm and Oliver

Costantini (Mrs C) - Mrs Alice Maddocks - Mum, Lloyd Maddocks - Dad, Christopher Maddocks Brother

Cowley (Mrs J) - Ray Cowley, Rose Perkins, Tom Perkins, always loved and remembered

Cowlishaw - Frederick and Elizabeth Cowlishaw, Margaret and Brian Mansell (Exeter)

Croft (Ms J) - Beloved Mum Kath Horton and Dad Geoff Horton; Stan Croft (Dad), Helen Maguire

Croft - Mark Shaun Croft, Cyril Mostyn Croft, Alexander Grigorjew,- - Kathleen Elizabeth Hughes

Curran (Miss D) - Mrs Margaret Curran, Mr Michael Curran

Curran (Ms M) - Graham Woolley

Dance (Mrs K) - Our Baby Dance Twins

Davey (Mrs A T) - My Darling Barrie

Davies (Mrs J) - Christopher Cole - - Joan Cole

Davies (Mr D R) - Iris Elizabeth Hayes, Harry Davies, Sylvia Davies

Davies (Mr M A) - Margaret and Trevor Davies, Flo and Fred Kirkham, Malcolm Bain, Margaret and William Davies, Elizabeth and Reg Brown, Bill Nancie and Jean Lane,

Davies (Mr and Mrs) - Gladys and Jack Jones, Rose Davies

Davies (Mr R S) - W Bryan Morgan, Gem Morgan

Davies (Mrs M E) - Linda Jaynes - Beloved Daughter

Davies (Mrs B E) - Bessie and Bob Davies, Dear Brother Ken (Davies)

Davies (Mrs G) - Jeff Davies

Davies (Mrs I) - Mr and Mrs Arthur and Doris Davies, Mr and Mrs Jack and Alice Twyford

Davies (Mrs M) - Fred Davies

Davies (Mr W J T) - Horace Davies and Betty Davies, Norman Gittins and Joan Gittins

Davies (Mrs M) - Frances and Bill Poole - Much loved Mum and Dad

Davies (Mrs F.) - Jack and Enid Neville, Eric and Audrey Davies, Tony Lewis (A Very Special Friend), Muriel Roberts (Atreasured Mum and Nan)

Dickens (Mrs J) - Nancy and Frank Lloyd, John Lloyd, Leslie Dickens, Betty Dickins, Sandra Allen

Dodd (Mr R) - Dorothy Dodd

Dovaston (Mrs) - Ted Dovaston

Drummond - Nancy Drummond

Dubois (Mrs) - Leon Du Bois - My Beloved Husband

Duncan (Mrs R) - Mary Ing - beloved Mama, Ronald Ing - dear Father, Joyce Duncan - dear Mum

Dunicliff (Mrs Margaret) - Richard Dunicliff

Dunkley - Donald Dunkley

Dyer (Mrs B) - Syd and Gladys Compton, David Compton

Edge (Mrs J Jennifer) - David W. Edge

Edwards (Mrs G) - Paul Evans - Remembering the Best Brother and Uncle With Love, Nigel Evans, a very special Dad and Grandad, missed always - - John Edwards - Much loved Brother & Uncle

Edwards (Mr R M) - Norman and Dolly Taylor and Bob and Phyllis Edwards, Christopher Edwards

Edwards (Mrs E) - John Wynne Edwards

Edwards (Mrs M) - Noel Edwards (Noel Edwards Loved by Margaret and Family)

Edwards (Mrs M A) - George (Big G) Edwards

Eggby (Mrs J) - Howard Davies, Rose Davies, ( Mum and Dad )

Ellson (Mr W) - Kathleen Ellson - - Kay Dulieu

Evans (Miss J) - Margaret and Wilfred Evans, Margaret and Sam Price

Evans (Mr D) - David Jonathan Evans, Big Nanny, Grandad Fred

Evans (Mrs P) - Claire Elizabeth Evans - Daughter, Loving You Always, Robert Williams - Dad, Never Forgotten Maud Williams - Mum, Remembered Always

Evans (Mrs) - Derek (Son) - - Sister May and Eve (Bristol), Husband and In-laws mother

Evans (Mr D C) - Thomas Evans, Phyllis Evans, Percy Corbett, Vera Corbett, Mary Cartledge

Evans (Mrs S) - Vin Evans

Evans (Mrs K) - Peter Rogers, Paul Rogers

Evans (Mrs J) - Gareth Evans, Evelyn Celia Evans

Evans (Mr P) - Pam Evans,Brian Evans, Bill and Edna Evans, Joan Lewis, Geoffrey Evans

Farmer (Ms P) - Sidney and Isobella Lilian Farmer

Fearon (Mrs E M) - Daughter - Margaret Jones Husband Ronald Fearon

Fenton - Gwen Savage (Sister) - - Mother Hilda - - Darling Tony

Ferguson (Mrs G) - Evelyn and Brian Ferguson; Pamela and Maurice Sharman

Fisher (Ms M) - Gordon Lloyd, Beryl Lloyd - - Jack Fisher, Audrey Fisher, Steve Fisher and Chrissie Fisher

Flynn (Mr S) - Arthur and Nancie Matthews - - Mona Flynn - - Bob Bennett

Fox (Ms N) - George Fox, Nancy & Family

Fraser (Mrs D) - Muriel Roberts, Reginald Roberts, Peter Fraser

Frostick (Mrs H) - John Ingham, Arthur Ingham, Enid Ingham

Furnival (Mrs N) - Alan Furnival, My Precious Husband

Garrard (Mr and Mrs J) - Vera and Frank Garrard, Winnie and Jack Garrard, Nellie and Donald Wilson, Margaret and Eric Lawson

Garrett (Mrs P) - Noel Garrett

Gillings (Ms K) - Dear Dad, Bill Wathes, Dear Mum, Mary Wathes

Golding (Mrs B) - Victor Golding

Goodchild (Mrs L) - Viv Edwards and Rob Davis, Alan Goodchild, Mum, Auntie Nesta and Auntie Freda

Gough (Mrs V.A.) - Roland Gough

Gough (Mrs K W) - Ena and John Davies

Gough - Alfred John Ebrey Gough - - Florence Mary Gough - - Edith Mary Turner (nee Gough)

Gough (Mrs J) - My brother John Edward Middleton

Gould (Mrs A) - Mrs M and Mr G Yeomans, Dear Mum and Dad - - Mrs C and Mr R Gould, Dear Mum and Dad - - Roger Yeomans, Loved Brother

Greenaway (Mrs P) - Geoff Cooper

Greenley - Margaret Hudson, Lifelong Friend - - Harry Weatherall, Beloved Brother, John Weatherall, cherished Nephew - - Norman Greenley, much missed by all the family, Dorothy Tweats, dear colleague

Griffiths (Ms C) - Mike Griffiths, thinking of you

Griffiths (Mrs D) - Roy Cubbin

Griffiths (Mrs J) - Leslie William Grifiths

Grindley (Mrs K) - Jenny and Robert Grindley - A beloved Daughter and Son; George Grindlay - My husband still sadly missed, Albert Davies - My beloved Twin Brother

Guidon (Mrs L) - Ann Waters and Elsie Williams

Hall (Miss C) - Thomas and Violet Hall - - Sandra Harper

Halle (Mrs J S) - Ricky Halle, Margaret Williams of Luibeg

Hancocks (Mrs G) - Cecil E Hancocks

Hancox (Mrs K) - Mildred, Harold and Richard Hancox; Rosie Parry; Mary and ted Nicholas; Eric Morris. Remeber all at Christmas

Handley (Mrs J) - Mary Roberts, George Roberts, Marlene Yorke

Hanratty (Mrs T) - All my little stars

Harris (Mr S) - Jeff and Connie Harris

Harris - Arthur Harris, Gwen Harris, Leslie Farren, Elsie Farren

Harris (Mrs) - Marilyn Liddle, Gwyion Williams, John Huxley

Harte (Mr N) - Frank and Gladys Harte (Our Loving Parents)

Harvey (Mrs J D) - Harry Hayward, Floss Hayward, Kath Hayward

Haw (Mr M A) - Rosemary Dart and Rachel Bates - Both died too young and much missed

Haynes (Mrs A) - Lane Family and Friends

Hazan (Mrs K) - Don and Mary Bickerton, Non and Moshe Hazan

Heath - Joyce Heath

Heighway (Mrs M M) - June Mott - - Robert Mott and Marlene Janes

Higgins (Mrs G) - Llew and Vera Jenks With Love, The Higgins Family

Hill (Mrs) - William Shingler (Father), Nancy Shingler (Mother), Elizabeth Vaughan (Granmother), Joyce Hill (Mother in Law)

Hill (Mrs M) - Remembering with love, Husband Alf Hill, Kath Vaughan and Wilf Vaughan - Remembered with Love

Hill (Miss E Elizabeth) - Mother (Edna Oliver), Bill Oliver (Step Father) - - Eric (Brother) - - Floss (Aunty)

Hill (Mrs B) - Gavin Brook, always remembered, Henry, Harry, Pepper and Tina, Beloved Pets, Ada Foley of Frankwell, always remembered byTrevor and Jim (sons)

Hind (Mr L Len) - Dearly departed loved ones of Mary and Len Hind - - Remembered Friends of Mary and Len Hind

Hodges (Mrs A) - Ivy Gripton Mother with Love - - Stan Hodges remembered with love every day

Holmes - Hilda and George Metcalfe, Sara, Michael

Hooke (Mrs H) - Bernard and Una Hartshorn, Mum & Dad, Miss you both so much

Hopkins (Mrs G) - Hamer Family (Newtown)

Hordley - Mary Richards (Mother)

Horsman nee Morris (Mrs Jane) - Vera Lovett, David Morris, Maureen Horsman

Horton (Mr and Mrs V J) - Brenty Parry - Our Nephew - - Kerry Whittall - A Dear Friend

Howells (Mrs M A) - Bill and Gwen Bennett, Mark Stephen Howells in loving memory

Howells - Tom and Freda Howells

Howells (Mrs H M) - Sidney and Florence Massey

Hoyle (Mrs B) - Mark Alex Hoyle

Hughes (Mrs J) - Ben Hughes (Beloved Grandson), Lilly Graebner (A Dear Friend), Dear daughter-in-law Jayne, Husband David, twenty years wthout you.

Hughes (Mrs S) - Mum Yeomans, Dad Yeomans, Vera Dyer - With Special Love, Dennis (Noddy) Hughes, With Much Love, Joyce Watkins - treasured wife, mother and sister

Hughes (Mr and Mrs T) - Doreen and Tom Hughes, Cyril Done

Humphreys (Miss D) - Doris Emily Humphreys - - Michael Davenport - - Lily Bromley - - Irene Arthur

Humphreys (Mrs E Hughes and Mrs P) - Beloved Brother - Roy Brown

Humphreys (Mrs A) - Ronald Humphreys (Husband)

Humphreys - Olwen Gwendoline Humphreys (Mam) - - Ceredig Owen Humphreys (Dad)

Hutchings (Mrs) - Eddie & Doll Donnelly, Sheila Picken

Huyton (Mrs M) - David Hughes

Hyde (Mrs M ) - Peter Kenyon, Iris Kenyon, Ron Hyde, Eileen Hyde, Paul Dawson

James (Mrs H) - Charlie and Dorothy James; Gordon James, Winnie and Frank Ford, Freda Davies, Joyce James, Lice and Bob Nichol

Jones (Mrs J) - Arthur and Nesta Wright, George and Margaret Deegan, Ernest and Betty Evans

Jones (Mrs P J) - Cyril Lloyd, Vera Maud Lloyd, Christine Merlyn Paige

Jones (Mrs B A) - Graham Jones; Reg and Vera Jones; Elsie Yeomans

Jones (Mr P E L ) - Richard Stuart Jones - - Fred Brown - - Lilian Brown

Jones - Ted and Betty Horton

Jones (Mrs I) - Dennis J and Dennis S, Doris - Ron, Thelma, Judith - - Martin, Beryl

Jones (Mrs C) - Cyril Swift, Phyll Swift

Jones (Mrs E) - Louise Cooper - desperately missed and loved by us all, Mum and Dad, Millie and Tom - much missed

Jones (Mr D) - Jim and Ella Jones (Mum and Dad) - Always Remembered

Jones - Agnes Jones

Jones (Mrs J) - Phillip Jones, Sam Birch and Gertie Birch

Jones (Mrs A E) - Gerald Richards

Jones (Mrs E) - George Henry Davies, Sarah Annie Davies

Jones - Margery Millar - remembered with love

Jones (Mrs Lois) - Bernard LLoyd Jones

Judson - Frederick Judson, still very much missed and loved by Sylvia, Debbie, Susan and all

Kelly (Mrs N A) - Mr Niel Kelly, Mrs Rita Jamison

Kilvert (Mrs M L) - Jack Kilvert - - Tom and Louie George - - Doris George

Kirby (Ms J L) - David (Dave) Carter

Kirkham (Mrs J) - Albert Kirkham

Lane (Mrs ) - Dai and Muriel Thomas, Alf and Grace Lane, Charlie and Vi Thomas

Latham (Mrs J) - Barry Latham, Remembered Always, Jackie, Tim and Sue, Jim and Jenny Tomlinson, Wonderful Parents

Laurens (Mrs ) - Frank Laurens

Law (Mr M) - Bill and Kay Law, Beryl Law

Law (Mr Andrew) - Vicky Wilks, a very much loved and missed Aunty

Leake (Miss Janet) - In fond remembrance of my parents, Alison Mary and Cyril Joseph Leake

Leech (Mrs) - John and Robert Leech, Beloved Husband and Son

Lees - Stanley and Ellen Jones - - Bryan and GwenJones

Lewis (Mrs M A) - Frank and Mabel Williams, Gerry Williams

Lewis (Mrs C) - Tom and Violet Taylor, Jack and Lilian Lewis, in loving memory

Lewis (Mrs P H) - Harry Lewis of Rodington, always in our thoughts - - Tony Lewis of Gravel Hill,Miss you so much, Mum

Light (Mrs E M) - Ivy Roberts, a darling Mother and Grandmother

Llewellyn (Mr) - Frances Alan Llewellyn (Buster), George Edward Morris (Grandad)

Lloyd (Mr & Mrs G) - Mrs Rita Lloyd, Mrs Hazel Osgerby, Mr Harold Lloyd

Locke (Mrs M) - Vera Alder, Ted Alder

Long (Ms M) - Mr and Mrs G Long - - Mr Stan Kiddey, Mrs D Lewis

Long - Terry Beatty, Darling Dad, Betty Beatty, Darling Mum, Connie Long, Darling Mum

Lowe - Sam, Florence and Barbe Beaman - - Ron and Peggy Beaman

Machin (Ms G) - Edith, Bill and Gorden Galliers, Gwen and children - loved and missed

Macmiichael (Mrs J) - Mary and Trevor Morgan, Always remembered, Joyce

Maguire (Mr p Peter) - John Ashcroft (Grump), Beryl Ashcroft (Bez), Helen Maguire, Olive Burns (Mum), Harold Burns (Dad)

Male (Mrs D J) - Hilda and Ron Challinor Mum and Dad), Gordon Male

Manley (Mr and Mrs) - Jack and Vera Manley, John and Pat Traves

Mantle - David and Violet Charles; David Evelyn and Athur Evans

Marches Care Ltd - To all those we have cared for. Always in our memories. From The Uplands at Oxon

Matthews (Miss B) - Arthur and Nancie Matthews

Maycock (Mrs J) - Mark Maycock - Loving Memories of a Dear Son, We All Miss You So Much, Love Mum and Dad, xx - Also - Ann and Bill Mills and Sister Carol Pritchard, Loved and Remembered Always, Jean and David xx

McDonald (Mrs D P) - Bryn McDonald - - Glyn McDonald

McLeod (Ms J) - Mrs Marjorie McLeod, Mrs Joan Rees

McLeod (Mr A) - Megan Embrey, Ron Embrey, Always remembered with love

McPaterson (Mr A) - Richard Dunicliff, Hazel Basely

Mellor (Ms S) - Beloved Mum and Nan Judy Hope, Beloved Mum and Nan Mary Mellor

Middlecote (Mrs) - Letitia May Barker - - Amelia Ellen Adams - - James Francis Adams - - Raymond George Barker

Miller (Ms S) - Matthew Miller - - Rita Walters - - Stan Walters, Malcolm (Mally) Miller

Moloney (Mrs J) - Daniel Richards, in our hearts for ever, Mum

Moogan (Mr and Mrs) - John and Kitty Corrall, John and Leah Moogan, Robert and Nellie Jones

Morcombe (Mr P) - Wendy Morcombe

Morgan (Mrs C A) - Derek, Charlie and Mary Morgan

Morgan (Mrs A) - Mrs E Parsons, Mrs A Cresswell, Mr J Parsons, Mr J Richards

Morris (Mr A C ) - Alfred and Mary Pryce, John and Joyce Morris - - Eileen Hill, A much loved sister.

Morris (Miss Brenda) - Miss Betty Mary Jackson

Morris (Ms D A) - David Carter

Morrison (Mrs E) - Christine McMillan

Mortimer (Mrs I Imogen) - Bill and Beryl Babb - Love from all the family

Nash - Steph Nash (Beloved Daughter and Sister) - - Cec Podmore (Much loved Dad, Grandad and Great Grandad) - - Betty Podmore (Much loved Mum, Grandma and Great Grandma)

Nelson (Mrs P) - Neville C Nelson

Newman (Mrs Lesley) - Joan Appleyard; Frank Appleyard

Nicholls (Mrs E) - Sheila Morris - Loving Mum and Nan, John Francis Morris loving Dad and Grandad, John Michael Morris - loved brother and uncle

Nicholson (Mrs H) - Cecil Holt-Jones (Father), Win Holt-Jones (Mother), Babs Luke ( Daughter & Sister )

Norman - Husband Bob Norman, Mum, Dad, Brother Endean, Mum Norman

Nutbrown (Mr D H) - Gordon Nutbrown, Bettina Nutbrown

Nutbrown (Mrs P) - Audrey Webber, Frederick Webber

Overton (Mr and Mrs E B) - Joan Mary Overton - - Evelyn Joan Bostock - - Tom Bostock

Owen (Mrs P) - Eddie (Butty) Pugh

Owen (Mrs J ) - Jack and Margaret Hotchkiss (Mum and Dad), Ronald Owen ( Husband ), John Hotchkiss ( Brother )

Pacult (Mrs Nicola) - Anne Hulme (My Friend), Parkinsons UK

Page (Mrs) - Emma Louise Page, Stella Ralph

Page (Mrs J A) - All loved ones we have lost

Page Croft (Mrs H) - Tony Page Croft, Ken Gething

Parker - Mrs H.M. Thomas, Mrs L E Parker

Parkinson (Miss V G) - Gerald and Sylvia Parkinson always loved and missed

Parry (Mrs D) - Sister Beryl Entwistle - - Nan, Ann Molloy

Parry (Mrs D E) - Maurice Vernon Waite; Margaret Ruth Waite; Roland Parry (Ben)

Payne (Mr) - Sandra Payne (Wife and Mother)

Peplow (Mr P) - John Howard Peplow, May Peplow

Perks (Mrs) - Desmond Perks, Derrick Ecclestone, Mannie Ecclestone, Ron Eccleston and Joyce Ecclestone

Perry (Mr) - Ann and Noel Purslow, Clive Purslow, Elizabeth Perry

Perry (Mrs B) - Ken Perry, Ollie and Nellie Simmonds, Gill Mawdsley, Jean Nabbs

Peter (Mrs J) - John Peter (Husband and Dad)

Phillips (Mrs A) - Dad and Mum Peplow, Dear Husband Roy Phillips

Pitchford (Mrs E) - Simon Pitchford, Helen and Harry Plimley

Platt (Miss S) - Cyril & Marjorie Pemberton (Nan & Grandad) - together forever. John Radcliffe - gone but not forgotten. Hilda Radcliffe, Kathleen Barbara Walker (Little Nan), Hilda Gittins (Big Nan) Michael Walker (Uncle Michael), John Honeybourne, Raye Kelly, Julie Roberts. John Brown (JB) & Stan Lyth - two great friends sadly missed. Anita Edge - great friend sadly missed.

Pond - Our Beloved Daughter Amanda Jane Pond and much missed Sister Betty Fisk

Preece (Mrs J) - Ashley John Preece , Nicholas Preece

Price (Mrs M A ) - Clive Roland Jones, Margaret Jones

Price (Mrs A E) - Doreen Rocke; Ray Price, Den Price Love Aud x

Price (Mr and Mrs D A) - Matthew Charles David Price - Grandson - - Edith Sarah Newbrook - Mother

Price (Mrs J) - Ronald Frank Price

Price (Mr D) - Edith Price

Price (Mrs C) - John Edward Mabbott and Christina (Tina) Mabbott

Pritchard (Miss E P) - Gerald Pritchard, Paul Raymond, Marc Boinot, Jeff Salter

Pritchard - Geoffrey Salter, Gerald Pritchard

Procter - Richard Procter and Margaret Procter - - Nora Sarginson

Pugh (Mr A and Mrs S) - Tracy Pugh a dear Niece, Joyce and Victor Peters, dear Mum and Dad, Eva and Alfred Pugh, dear Mum and Dad

Pugh (Mr P) - Eric Sandy, David Pugh - - Mary Warren - - MollyEarp, John Pugh, Iris Pugh, Hazel Whittaker

Purser (Ms D) - Gladys Whitehouse, Norman Whitehouse, Sally and Harry Purser, Daniel Luc Purser

Radford (Mrs T) - Michael Radford, Flo and Eddie Dawson, Paul Dawson

Ramsey (Mrs C M ) - Mum and Dad (Peggy & Fred) Ramsey, Sisters June & Doe (nee Ramsey) and Dad (Howard) Weller Also my beloved and greatly missed "Boys" - Phil (Alf) Ramsey and Becks

Ray Heath (Miss M) - Llewellyn and Ada Owen (Westbury) - - Ada Ray Heath (nee Owen) formerly of Westbury

Reade (Mrs S) - Peter Reade, Ken Davies, Lois Davies

Rees (Mrs J Joan) - Howell Rees

Rees Evans (Mrs S) - Martin McLamb, Jack McLamb, Sam McLamb, Bruce McLamb, Ian McIntyre

Richards (Mrs G) - Sister Prim and Brother Dougie (Loving Memories Never Forgotten, Loved and Remembered Everyday) - - Edith and Francis Beasley , Mum and Dad- - In Loving Memory of Madge and Dick Richards, Loved and remembered every day, my Sister Jean

Richardson (Mrs Jean) - Paul (Jock) Richardson of Biggles Wartime Band

Rickards (Mrs C) - Huw Thomas Rickards, Dearest Boy, Murray Rickards - - Janet Gater (Nee Rickards), and Stephen Gater - - Eloise Lambert

Robbins (Mrs G) - Margaret Meredith - - Tony Robbins

Roberts (Mrs ) - Ken Roberts

Roberts (Mr D C E) - Celia and Alec Mullins, Michael Mullins, Cyril and Rose Roberts

Robinson (Mrs A W) - Ken Robinson, Alice Lee, Auntie Kathleen

Rogers (Mr & Mrs S) - Kathryn (Kat) Rogers - - Eddie Boden and Lil Boden - - Frank Rogers

Rogers (Mrs R E) - Jean Rogers, Mervyn (Meru) Humphreys, Grahame (Pughie) Pugh

Rouen - Mum and Dad Rouen, Mum and Dad Renshaw, Eileen and Dennis Clarke, Mike Rouen - God Bless

Rowbrey (Mrs S) - Norman and Joan Wynne, William and Vera Price

Rumsby (Miss B) - Harold and Mable Rumsby, George Rumsby, Norman Rumsby, Victor Harold Rumsby

Samuel - James Crocker - - Molly Crocker

Scadding (Mrs M ) - Geoff Scadding Dear Husband, Edgar Hutchings Brother

Scott (Ms J M) - Haydn Tonge, Much loved Son, Brother, Uncle and Friend - - Charles Darbyshire, Cherished Memories

Sharp (Mr C Colin) - In memory of Bob and Marjorie Chorlton and Ron Sharp

Sheffield (Mrs) - William Sheffield, Nellie Sheffield, Dorothy Evans,

Smale (Mrs) - Alice and Stanley Bowen

Smith (Mr M) - Eric Baker, Ethel Baker, Colin Baker, Doris and Eric Smith

Smith (Mrs J Joyce) - Douglas A R Smith, The Rev Christopher M Jones, Andrew Jones

Smith (Mrs R I ) - Margaret and Charles Tipton - - Alfred Smith

Smith (Mrs S E Sylvia) - Dennis Smith (Les), David Smith, Edith Parry, William Parry

Smith (Mr L) - Stanley and Gladys Smith. Together again. Lovingly remembered by all your familiy

Starr (Mrs M A ) - Peter and Mary Mackenzie, Peter Roberts OBE ( CIWF )

Steadman (Mrs H J) - William, Marie Steadman and John Steadman, Bernie, Ruth and Keith Challinor

Steadman (Mrs J) - Anthony Horton

Stevens (Ms D) - William George (Bill) Davies

Stringer (Mr P) - Stella Stringer, John Stringer

Stringfellow (Mrs S) - Frank and Doris Maddocks, Alan Stringfellow

Sudlow (Miss S R) - Dear Mum and Dad

Swannick - Barbara Swannick, Doreen Browne, Walter and Meg Browne

Taylor (Ms J) - George and Gertie Taylor, Les Taylor

Taylor (Mrs P) - Peter George Charles Taylor - Much missed Husband, David John Owen - My lovely Brother

Taylor (Mrs J) - Ken Taylor, always in thoughts of wife, Jan

Thomas (Mrs I) - Jodie Thomas and Gerald Thomas, Mervyn Thomas

Thomas - Colin Thomas, Dean Hevingham

Thomley (Mrs S) - Len Thornley, Roslyn Thornley

Thompson (Mrs E) - Norman Thompson, Isabel Weston, Tom Weston

Thompson (Mr D P) - Agnetta Thompson and Robert Thompson

Thorpe (Mrs B M) - John Thorpe Loving Husband Mr and Mrs Moody Dear Mum and Dad, Loving Brother Bill Moody

Thrower (Miss M) - Percy and Connie Thrower

Tisdale (Mrs A) - Harold Tisdale Husband, Father and Granddad

Topple (Mrs H) - Frank Granville Tattum, Leslie Oliver Topple, Paul Topple

Trasatti (Ms Gino Lorraine) - Rosella

Trow (Mrs S) - Anita Mansell (nee Trow) Beloved Mum, Nanny, Daughter and Sister, love and miss you loads, Dave Trow beloved Husband, Dad, Grandad and Great Grandad, love and miss you loads

Trueman (Mrs B) - Maurice Arther Trueman

Tudor - Len and Kate Mountford, Love and Miss You, Arthur and Nellie Tudor, Love and Miss You

Tuffin (Mr P) - Pat Tuffin, Jack and Vera Bellingham, Charlie and Nora Tuffin, Tony Tuffin, Uncle Den

Tune - Patricia Margaret Tune, Michael Trevor Tune, Norman Alan Sykes

Turner (Mrs J) - Reg and Mabel Cowan, Harry and Emily Turner, Ann Seabury

Turner (Mr J) - Steven Paul Turner, Joan Emily Turner

Voros - Eric and Anne Jones, Mary Simons, Eileen and John Collins, Emil Voros (Em) dearly loved, forever missed

Wainwright (Mrs E) - Jack and Olive Oakley (Dad and Mum)

Wakeley (Mrs J) - Bessie Thomas (Mum) - - Pryce Thomas (Dad) - - Sylvia Lee (Sister)

Walker (Mrs R) - Les Owen - Husband Loved and Missed

Walters (Mrs L) - Sue Hayman - My Darling Daughter, Stan Walters - My Dear Husband

Walters - Matthew Walters

Walton (Mrs M A) - William Walton (Bill)

Wareing (Mrs L D) - George and Hilda Griffiths, Wilfred and Mildred Wareing, Betty Clay

Watkins (Mr G) - David and Dorothy Watkins and Gerald and Margaret Doyle, Beloved Parents

Watkins (Mr G) - Hazel Watkins, Wife and Mother - - Lilly Watkins Grandmother - - Barbara Jones Grandmother

Watson (Mrs B) - Gordon Raymond Edney - - Mary Davies - - Edna Bradley - - Peter Watson (Jocky), Remembered and Loved Always

Watson (Mrs S) - Dan Watson - Husband

Whitaker (Mr and Mrs) - Les D Whitaker, Colin Whitaker, Marjorie Whitaker, Howard Stoner, Muriel Stoner, Marjorie Whitaker

Whittall - John Whittall, Beloved Daughter Helen Whittall, Joan Lennox and brother John Barnett

Whittall (Mrs J) - Edith Wynne, Mum - - Donald Wynne, Dad - - Winston Whittall, Dear Husband

Wigley (Mr & Mrs) - Mr Ron Wigley (Dad), Mr Frank Edwards (Gramps)

Wilderspin (Mrs P L) - Joan Margaret Evans and Thomas Ernie Lloyd Evans, Vera Wilderspin and Bill Wilderspin,

Wilkie (Mrs M) - Daryl M A Wilkie, Children of Hope House, Gillian Pimblott, Ronald Glading, Tony Ackerley

Williams (Mr K) - Mrs Joan and Mr Noel Richards

Williams (Mrs L) - George Haddock, Percival (Jack) Williams, Doris (Pip) Williams

Williams (Mr and Mrs S J) - Glyn Francis Williams, Pips Francis Fitch

Williams (Mrs L) - Clifford Broadbent - Beloved Dad, Marion Broadbent - Beloved Mum

Williams (Miss S E ) - Ivan Williams

Williams (Mrs J) - Tony Williams, Rosemary Anne Richards

Williams (Mrs A) - Andrew Down, Cliff Williams, Dorothy Eaves - Remembered with love

Williams (Mrs B J) - Mrs Ann Haycock (Mum), Mr Ernest Haycock (Dad), Mrs Freda Williams (Mum) and Mr Cecil Williams (Dad), James Williams ( Brother)

Williams (Mr M Michael ) - Howard and Betty Williams; David Williams

Williams (Mr and Mrs G) - Dorothy Williams, Lyn Williams, Bob Webster

Williams (Mr K W) - Janet Williams

Willis (Miss J) - Florrie Bridgwater, Arthur Willis, Winifred Willis

Wilson (Mr and Mrs F) - Mr and Mrs G Collins, Mr and Mrs F W Wilson

Wilson (Mrs G) - Gordon and Margaret Powers - - George and Dorothy Wilson

Wilson (Mr Harry) - Mr James Wilson and Mrs Ruth Wilson

Youens (Mrs C) - Gertie Price - - Len Price,

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